Monday, April 10, 2017

Challenge yourselves with NEKODORAKKU BLOCK PUZZLE - FREE DOWNLOAD NOW AVAILABLE on all stores

The Free to play Nekodorakku Block Puzzle is NOW AVAILABLE for all cat lovers!

PlatformsAndroid accountupdeito
TagsArcade, Block puzzle, Touch-Friendly
Player countSingleplayer
Main features:

  • Highly challenging and fun animal puzzle with simple gameplay for single player 
  • Hundreds free to play levels for you to seize the minute
  • Simply drag and drop the cats to purrfectly fit their cat playground 
  • Super colorful designs of cute cats and adorable sounds. Even your kids love it!

To satisfy your thirst to play with cats, here is the cutest cat jigsaw puzzle that only you can accomplish: Get those paws back to where they’re supposed to be, nyan~ 


Have you ever imagined one fine day when you find yourself entered a magical cat garden? If you’re a cat person, being surrounded by hundreds of those fluffy multi-colors cute cats must have been a dreamy heaven for you rite?


Nyan, in this world of Nekodorakku Block Puzzle, the higher the level, the harder the strategy. This free brain training game will thrill you when you have to come up with a suitable plan to arrange the cats.


Can you hear those cute little meows and purrs calling out for you? Let’s find the purrfect placement to solve this challenging, irresistible and inescapable mini puzzle game!

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